WICKED 50 Scooter Boston’s most popular 50cc scooter

Matte black bottoms, tops range from matte black, white, blue, and red, allow 10′ wheels

Youtube video of Wicked 50 Scooter
Cruze Wicked 50 Scooter Video Demo


$1,299 Final Price in stock store pickup, all fees included!


  • Note 2022 Model of Wicked has new headlamp!



Peace Sports 802-Xplorer 50 SCOOTER OR Cruze SONIC 50 SCOOTER

Black, white, blue, red – all with silver bottom, Alloy 12″ wheels

$1,599  Final Price in stock store pickup, all fees included!


Peace Sports AR-50 SCOOTER – Motorcycle look 50cc Moped!

Youtube video about AR-50 Scooter
Peace Sport AR-50 Scooter Video Demo

Colors black, white, red – depend on stock levels


Available in Red, Black or White




Peace Sports Xplorer 150 SCOOTER – 802-150 Motorcycle

Peace Sport 802-150Peace Sport 150 In Red, Blue or Orange $1,950   

Delivered to Belmont from local affiliate warehouse

This is considered a Motorcycle in the state of MA, and requires to be registered as such.


Lance Havana Classic 50 or Cali Classic– Reliable, Great Initial Quality, 3- Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, Modern and Classy.

$2,699   Final Price out the door, 3 year Manufacturer’s warranty


In Stock and Ready!!!




Segway eMoped E110A

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