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Many call us the best scooter repair mechanics in Boston -There is a reason for that, we focus on your needs as a Firm.


Here is a list of of our specialties and other info:


No Start or Start and Die Scooter Diagnostics Assessing make, model, age, overall condition, and miles, with subsequently getting “under the hood” by removing needed coverings or compartments, to perform engine diagnostics, inspect operational components integrity, check output measurements, replace defective components, to subsequently test other key safety areas, before final reassembly and test ride.

Fuel and Air Intake A lot of bikes that were stored log time, are prone to issues due to modern fuel tending to gunk up the system. We take care of it for clients by cleaning fuel tanks, replacing filters, and deep cleaning or replacing carburetors.

Wheels and Tires Service Performance tire installation. Replacing flat, damaged, aged or worn out tires, replacing aged air valve stems, replacing electric scooter inner tubes or switching them to solid rubber tires.

Electrical Components Checking headlight, tail light and turn signal bulbs, along with testing kill switch and horn button operation is presumed automatic procedure. We routinely fix these key electrical issues for our clients, along more advanced procedures, ignition, stators, voltage rectifier regulators, relays, fuel injection mapping and more. We also replace a lot of batteries and stock a variety of different models, including lithium-ion batteries.

Engine and Maintenance Oil changes people!!! – It is a small engine, treat it well, we use quality oil for your bike, plus provide added inspection and suggest preventive maintenance! . We also offer performance engine work, big bore kits, and we rebuild, repair or replace engines.

CVT Work Here again, we can do performance work on demand, but what we do the most is replacing drive belts is something that needs to be done by manufacture’s suggested mile table. This procedure requires opening CVT case to visually inspect and measure wear on the drive belt, removing and inspecting variator, and wear on its roller weights, and remove and inspect clutch assembly.

Brake System Service  Replacing brake pads timely leads to good brakes, we also change brake fluid during that procedure for our clients. When we replace rear tire on a scooter, we always service the drum brake shoes and clean the system. Often neglected brakes or corrosion from outside storage lead to us replacing brake calipers, brake rotors, and even master cylinders. Corrosion also makes it often times near impossible to extract certain fasteners fused with frame or case.

Turnaround Time You can typically expect a turn around of 2-3 workdays on our average repairs with parts on hand situation. Certain bikes require genuine parts, and such jobs may delay into 2-3 weeks.

Your Information You can typically expect to provide year, make and model, odometer reading, problem/or issue, and how long and under what conditions did it manifest. If the bike is not starting because it was not used for long period of time, how long was it stored, was it stored indoor or outdoor, and so on. This info will help to provide a approximate range, scope and budget for the work.


Bikes can be dropped-off by appointment during our business hours.

Pickups can be arranged for a fee, call, text or (781) 797-0070 or E-mail us here

We do all of our invoicing via email also, please expect to leave your email with your contact info.

Repair Rates:

  • $50 Minimum charge (30min or less odd little jobs or diagnostics)
  • $95 /hour Scooter 50cc repair rate, plus materials and supplies
  • $100 /hour Other Motorbike repair rate, plus materials and supplies

Storage Rates:

  • Monthly and weekly storage rate is available when repair bill is settled
  • $10 /day Storage – 3 days after repair is completed, invoiced to client, and has not been picked-up




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Update: 7/19/22 Appointment jobs receive priority, normal drop off lead time has been extended from 2-3 days to 1 week average repair job, due to summer demand!

Also: 7/26-8/08 There will be appointment black-out, due to admin vacation!