2019 Red Lance PCH 50 Scooter

50cc Scooter Moped Registered in VT

Our comfortable and reliable fleet scooter, maintained and serviced on regular basis

Miles on odometer beg 2023 – 6,420

Four stroke smooth and quick Taiwanese SYMLance engine (premium 90+ octane fuel)

12″ wheels for ride stability, premium suspension system, long seat allow to carry a passenger, if needed.

Our 2019 Red lance PCH 50 is our number one most frequently rented Scooter as it provides superb and comfortable ride, sleek design, and strong engine. SYM engine and exhaust system makes this bike sound and run like a high quality bike it is. Large but versatile, easy to park scoot for your on your next city adventure in Greater Boston Area.

PCH is fast enough bike to cruise the city, and look stylish. Bike has modern design, under the seat storage, and storage rack.

Catch the wind along the Charles River, park near the Harvard Yard, follow the freedom trail, stop for a coffee and pastry in North End or choose tranquility of West suburbs and head opposite way to Lincoln and check out DeCordova Museum and open air sculptures, tour Gropius House, park to take a walk around historical Walden Pond, visit Minuteman trail in Concord or head out to Wayland and see Wayland Inn water mill!