Thank you for considering our company to service your two-wheel needs! Below please find our list of commonly asked questions and recommended service and maintenance.



Do I need a license to drive one of those mopeds?

  • Any motorized vehicle used in the state of MA will require license or learner’s permit to operate on public roads. First time offenders driving a moped without a license can expect to be fined $50.


Do I need to register it?

  • Please take invoice and certificate of origin we provided at the time of sale, schedule appointment at RMV, show license, and pay $40 to register a moped for a moped plate (used to be a sticker).


Do I need to insure it?

  • Mopeds are not required to be insured in MA, however we suggest you do, you can obtain a quote from


Do I need to wear a helmet?

  • State of Massachusetts requires DOT approved helmet and eye protection to be worn while riding.


Can I travel with a passenger?

  • You can have a passenger on the moped, if your moped’s seat is designed for it. 


What gasoline does it take?

  • We recommend that you always use Super 93


What is the make and model of my scooter?

  • Please check your sales invoice for the details, prior to contacting us with questions. 


Is my scooter 2-stroke or 4-stroke?

  • We mostly, except on a rare occasion, always sell 4-stroke modern engine scooters.


What is the next scheduled maintenance for my scooter?

  • All 4-stroke motors require first oil change to be performed at 250 miles.
  • All 4-stroke motors require second oil change at 750 miles, along with gear oil change and valve gap adjustment to be performed. 
  • Subsequent oil changes should be done once per season or every 1,000 miles, whichever is soonest.

How do I prepare my scooter for the winter storage?

  • Bring it to the shop to have all liquids drained and the bike winterized.
  • Work off all the regular fuel containing ethanol, and add only Ethanol-free fuel, with fuel stabilizer.

Do you provide winter storage?

  • Our winter storage season is from November to the end of March.

How can I keep my scooter more secure from theft?

  • Always lock the rear tire or center stand to a secure metal object or a tree.
  • Consider using an alarmed disc brake lock.
  • Consider installing a GPS tracking system.
  • Consider keeping the scooter covered and out of sight. 



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